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I was just out of diapers, my sisters were about 4 and 5 years old, one of my brothers was barely crawling around, and my other two brothers had yet to be born.  My parents were celebrating something (probably my getting out of diapers) and poured themselves an adult beverage.  They also poured my sisters "child" beverages.  They then lifted their glass and made a toast yet before they could take the obligatory sip from their glass, my sisters, in unison, raised their glass and shouted...


My parents couldn't contain their shock, surprise and ultimately their laughter.

This is close enough to how my father tells the story.  When, you ask would he tell the story?  Well, it has become a family tradition when we are celebrating something very special (wedding, anniversaries, etc.) someone will make the toast.  We raise our glasses and we all say in unison, "HAYAQAPAN". 

There are, however, occasions in which we make the toast when others toasting and they have no idea what we are doing and give all of us a very strange look.

Now is the time for someone, usually my father to explain the toast.  He first tells the story as above then he tells everyone what the toast means to him.  It is a toast signifies that we are celebrating life and the joy of living.  However, we are not just celebrating as any other adult who is toasting, but we are celebrating life with the innocence and enthusiasism that a child brings to everything he or she loves.